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Voermol Feeds manufactures and markets a variety of molasses based LICK SUPPLEMENTS to meet the nutritional requirements of ruminants on any type of grazing. These products include maintenance, production, transitional, mineral and energy licks.
We also produce a wide selection of quality home mixing CONCENTRATES for finishing cattle, sheep and goats; for use as dairy meal and also rations for stud and replacement animals, game, and calves (creep feed).
In addition, our range of LIQUID FEEDS are applied to enrich grains or low-grade roughage, to limit wastage of unpalatable fodder and preserve grass and drought maize silage. Our liquid feeds are used profitably in cattle and sheep feedlots and as liquid protein licks.
If you wish to obtain more information, please highlight your nearest town on our map, for contact details of the local agent. Otherwise click on the product and direct an e-mail to the relevant Technical Manager or Voermol agent.

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